Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs coaching?

Anyone! From hourly employees to front line supervisors to C suite level executives, everyone can benefit from coaching.

In what areas do you coach?

I offer career coaching, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, military transition coaching, and general life coaching.

What does hiring you look like?

Before we decide to enter into an official coaching client relationship, we would meet and speak to determine if we would be a good fit for each other.

Do you coach by the hour or do you have coaching programs?

I do offer coaching by the hour, however I recommend committing to a program for the most impactful results. I offer three program lengths to satisfy the needs of most customers:

  • 4 Weeks (Scratching The Surface) - As its name suggests, this program is just long enough to identify current state and help with articulating desired future state.
  • 8 Weeks (Journey To Change) - Building on the four week program, the eight week Journey To Change program is twice as long and allows time for the design of specific planning and action items that will lead to the results you are looking for.
  • 12 Weeks (Enlightened Outcome) - The most effective plan, Enlightened Outcomes completes is the most comprehensive plan and allows for follow up on action items, reassessment, and additional execution. This program is the most effective for implementing real and lasting change and achieving desired results.

How do I connect with you?

You may reach out to me via email,, or via text or phone call at: 619-289-8165. We will schedule 30 minutes to see if we are a good fit to work with each other.

What is your coaching process?

I coach based on a four step process:

  • Articulation: The first step in any process is to define what success looks like. Without clarity, focus is fleeting at best.
  • Current State: After finding clarity through articulation, determination of current state can begin. Every great journey begins with an objective and a starting point.
  • Conceptualization: In this step, we work together to conceptualize what changes are needed to achieve success. In many cases, they are a combination of intellectual, behavioral, and actionable changes.
  • Execution: The final step of the process involves the consistent execution of action items set during the conceptualization phase of coaching. Major change in one’s life is usually accomplished one small consistent step at a time. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius -

What makes you qualified to be my coach?

I have been a professional people leader for over 20 years. My experience ranges from director level leadership positions in fortune 200 companies to leading Marines as an NCO during my military service. I hold a BA in psychology and an MA in psychology with an emphasis on organizational leadership. In addition to mentoring and developing dozens of professionals during my career, I also volunteer for Seattle Minds Matter where I mentor high school students. Most importantly, I have always had a love for people and a curiosity for understanding behaviors. I was the guy who said, “I see what you did, but I need to know why you did it.” My thirst for understanding behavior and my love of people and social interactions, I provide a unique and healthy outlook on career and life that makes me a powerful life and career coach and advocate.

Why can’t I just buy some self-help books and save money?

Self-help books can be a valuable resource but have limitations. One of the most powerful aspects to having a coaching relationship is the interaction between two people. The synergy created between coach and client cannot be duplicated by reading a book.

Can I get references from your clients?

Please refer to the testimonial area of the website to see what other clients are saying.

How do I know if I even need a coach?

If you are interested in bettering yourself, a life coach may be an investment you should consider. One of the main goals of life coaching is to help clients articulate their desired state of being and provide guidance on their journey to get there.