The Method

The path to change is often as simple as being shown the right direction to walk. My job as a coach is to do just that. Not everyone is meant to follow the same route, so we will work together to help you find your specific track to success. Realizing your dreams is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on the next step before you, not the totality of steps ahead. In this way, even a distance as vast as eternity can be crossed.

My coaching philosophy is based on five core values:

  1. Growth
  2. Harmony
  3. Natural gifts
  4. Finding excellence in others
  5. Self awareness and discovery

Using these core values as a foundation, my coaching approach is a simple four step process. It begins with Articulation, or defining what success looks like. Early on in the process we will focus on helping you to clearly articulate your success parameters. As success doesn’t always look the same for everyone, it’s important to define what success looks like for you. Our first few sessions will focus on this.

Next comes defining your Current State. This step in the process will help you determine exactly where you are right now. This isn’t always easy as it requires complete honesty and vulnerability, something many people struggle with, especially with themselves. With the use of thoughtful open ended questions, I will help you pinpoint exactly where you are prior to embarking on your journey.

The next step in the process, Conceptualization, facilitates visualization of what changes are needed to achieve success. In many cases, the changes are intellectual and or behavioral in nature. Together we will determine what actions are needed in order to achieve all of your goals.

At this point in the process you have learned to define what success looks like to you. You have evaluated your current state relative to your desired state, and you have assigned action items in order to get you to your desired state. The final step in the process, Execution, involves the consistent implementation of those action items. You will have the self assuredness to execute on your plan with confidence, discipline, excitement, and joy!

Coaching is a fluid process. Each session will be focused on progressing down the path to realizing your desired outcome state. Together, we will identify areas of opportunity, develop a game plan to address them, create action plans to enact change, and execute on those action plans. Throughout the process, you will realize a clarity of thought and purpose that will permeate every aspect of your life. You will become comfortable with self-advocating and self-caring so that you can show up in every situation that life throws at you as your best self.


Hilliary Coaching has the capability to create e-learning opportunities for both individuals and teams.

Hilliary Coaching offers pre-existing e-learning micro and full-length courses on leadership focused topics like:

  1. Emotional Intelligence Training
  2. Leadership Identity Development Training

Hilliary Coaching also offers the ability to provide fully customizable e-learning courses to suit both individual and organizational learning and developmental needs.